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City Nature Challenge 2024

Back for the sixth year, Calgary will take on 500 cities from around the world to document urban biodiversity like never before. Cities will compete to see which can make the most observations, document the most species, and engage the most people.

April 26 – April 29

 Document wild plants and animals by taking photos or making audio recordings.

Then upload your them to or the iNaturalist app. 

April 30 – May 5

Upload all your observations to iNaturalist and help to identify posts made by others.

May 6

Local, National, Global results announced.

Why Participate:

There is nature all around us! Knowing what species are in our city and where they are helps us study and protect them, but the ONLY way to do that is by all of us – scientists, land managers, and the community – working together to find and document the nature in our area.

By participating in the City Nature Challenge, not only do you learn more about your local nature, but you can also make your city a better place – for you and other species!

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